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28 April 2019|2fA, Adaptive Authentication, Email, Email Reputation, Email Verification, Hacking, Malicious, Remote Access, Threat

Building out a Digital Identity profile is a powerful way of assessing a user before you allow access to a service. Email Address is often an overlooked ally when attempting to fight off malicious access attempts. Why is that? Well good insights can be gained from analysing an email address for the following simple reason:

Legitimate users typically keep their email address for a good period of time

In fact an email address often stays the same when other “traditional” verification touch points do not, such as home address, name (marriage) and employer.

With this is mind we can deploy email verification checks to look for the validity of an email address as a point of check when going through Identity proofing processes.

As with our other services, the email verification process provided by ThreatPoint will provide back a risk score and a recommendation.  This allows organisations to react to those users who are providing email addresses that could be considered unusual.

The touch points used to verify an email address include:

  • Blacklists
  • Domain records
  • Compromised accounts
  • Mailbox presence
  • Velocity
  • Popularity
  • Free Domains
  • Disposable Domains
  • Role Accounts

This information is analysed real-time and compared against the ThreatPoint email consortium for previous use in fraudulent requests, the age of the address and the usage of the address. Email validation is a great way to start fighting fraud.

If you would like to know more about the ThreatPoint email verification api please get in touch

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