The ThreatPoint URL Blocker, is a browser extension that looks at the URL/Web address, analyses and redirects the request if the web site is considered to contain malicious, sensitive or explicit content. 

This extension / add on was created to protect innocents from clicking links to web sites that contain sexual content. The service has been expanded to include other content as suggested by users of the service. 

The ThreatPoint content service provides the database of sites, ratings, categories and whether the site is considered live or not. The browser passes the entered website to the content service which responds with the decision to block or not. If the decision to block is received the end user is redirected to a landing page.

Browser Extension using the API

We created browser extensions for the most popular browsers (no we don’t include safari in that category). Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

A short video here demonstrates the extension in action.

Configuring the Browser extension

It’s easy to configure, yet documentation is always nice to see.