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As cyber security experts we are pleased to see how cyber security issues have gained greater importance within most companies. While this is a great change in the last few years, there is a long way to go. The cyber security landscape is evolving at a pace that demands high skill sets from a variety of backgrounds. Companies find that pace challenging and understandably so. 

This is where ThreatPoint can help. With experts in the areas of Identity, security and fraud we can provide assistance at all stages of a cyber security program. 

From the smallest to the largest, all companies have to take the challenges of cyber security seriously. ThreatPoint provide the solutions and experience to protect organisations of all sizes.

Please feel free to investigate our email, device and IP reputation services They can be placed into your existing web sites and services or used in isolation as part of an investigation process.

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Our solutions our built to deliver realtime insights related to Identity risk. Solutions that empower organisations to embrace digital transformation projects, safe in the knowledge that malicious attacks are detected at source.

One of the key differentiators of our solutions is the data that drives the results. Rich data sets, powered by intelligent decision points allowing quick detection of anomalies.

Introduction to the Email Validation API service

Email verification and validation is a powerful touchpoint to utilise during an on boarding process as part of a digital transformation project. Most legitimate users will use the same email address over long periods of time. Email validation can protect your service from malicious attempts at registration, warn users of breached addresses during registration and be used to validate addresses in bulk. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Introduction to the ThreatPoint Device Reputation API

Device reputation can be used to highlight devices known to have been used fraudulently in the past, as well as allowing a dynamic user experience. The ThreatPoint device reputation API allows for a risk score to be consumed by an organisation as part of an overall digital transformation / on boarding defense in depth process

Introduction to the ThreatPoint IP Reputation API

Stop anonymous access at the point of entry, block malicious actors and dynamically change the user experience based on the IP reputation risk score. Works perfectly as a standalone service or as part of greater defense in depth strategy alongside other APIs and intelligence touch points. Leverage IP intelligence into your digital transformation projects today!

CyberSecurity Services and Solutions


Risk Based Authentication

Cloud based authentication service to offer dynamic risk and context aware authentication. Computer security, cybersecurity and proactive checks to stop hacking and malicious attempts at source.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On solutions and toolkits to support SAML, WSFed, WSTrust, OIDC and OAUTH2.0. Remove password sprawl, increase security and improve the user experience 

Automated Pen Testing

SAAS pen testing capabilities allowing for automation and replaying of pen testing campaigns. Reporting automation included. Red Team, Blue Team. Hacking methodologies to enable you to think like a hacker and protect your organisation.

Orchestration Engine

Centralise point solutions into one Orchestration engine. Offering the ability to plug in existing security service via API integration, while maintaining policy centrally. Define overall risk policies based on service integration. Improve your Cybersecurity posture.

Validation services

Many cybersecurity solutions are now available as API calls. Integrate best of breed, device, phone, email and document verification services into your apps and web pages.

Contact us for free trial access to our email validation product.

Threat Intelligence

Pinpoint threat at source, react and remove the risk. Real time threat intelligence allows us to detect and react to:- anonymised sources, hacking attempts, ip addresses associated with malicious behaviour, anomalous behaviour and geo patterns that determine risk.

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