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Profile cluster

Solutions that detect and protect.

  • IP Reputation
  • Email Verification
  • Device Reputation
  • Password Breach Scoring
  • Behavioural Biometrics
  • Phone Number Verification

ThreatPoint has created solutions that allow businesses the ability to understand the risk posture of identities, using our profile cluster technology and risk scoring matrix. Businesses can quickly react to good consumers and improve the user experience, react to malicious access attempts, removing the threat at source.

ThreatPoint is not just a solution provider, we are a team of experienced security consultants with specialist knowledge in the areas of Identity security, Identity management, CyberSecurity and Fraud.

Our consultants have worked across the globe for many well known enterprises and institutions, delivering Identity security and Identity management solutions.

The map below shows the realtime data captured by our IP reputation api service.

One of the great benefits of using the ThreatPoint API solutions is the contribution back to the consortium data. As the service becomes aware of malicious behaviour related to IP address, the service feeds back the intelligence into the central repository.

This allows all web sites and services protected by the TheatPoint IP reputation API, to share and use the latest information. True Strength in numbers.

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Cyber Security Confidence

At ThreatPoint we are confident we can help with your cybersecurity challenges. Please get in touch to find out how we could help you take control of your data and defend your business.

All too often the same mistakes are repeated across companies due to IT departments having little time to breathe. Introducing proactive controls, twinned with experienced advisors enables greater control for your IT departments and security teams.

We want to show you the value we can add as trusted advisors to your team.

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