Stop unwanted anonymous access at the point of entry, block malicious actors and dynamically change the user experience based on the IP reputation risk score.

The IP reputation API works perfectly as a standalone service or as part of greater defense in depth strategy alongside other APIs and intelligence touch points.

Protect websites and services using this layer of intel via our API.

Services can be overwhelmed through brute force attacks and DDOS attacks.

The IP reputation API provides intelligence that can be placed in front of your services to keep those service operating and secure.

The service uses a consortium model to improve the intelligence of the data, in real time. All customers contribute IP data into the service, allowing all customers to be better protected.

Machine learning algorothms detect anamolies and automatically improve the IP reputation data. Intelligence that is automatically provided as output in the API.

IP Reputation API Documentation

Documentation on using the IP Reputation API

WordPress IP Reputation Plugin

We created a plugin for WordPress to protect sites from attacks, protect sites from unwanted traffic and close common attack points within WordPress.

Simple really.

Configuring IP Reputation WordPress Plugin

Documentation on configuring the IP Reputation plugin for WordPress

Javascript library

Add the IP Reputation intelligence into any web or mobile journey. Simply call our IP reputation Javascript and protect your client side apps.

Please contact us on for more information and access to test any of the API’s / Javascript.