Here at ThreatPoint we take pride in our ability to provide our expertise to all parts of the UK. 

We are also passionate about promoting the skills available in the North West of England.

As part of our commitment to training and teaching cyber skills, we provide training in house or through our dedicated training room here in Blackpool.

The events calendar below shows upcoming events. Please email for more information.

Training Sessions and Seminars


Ethical Hacking Primer

An introduction to the world of ethical hacking. 

Learn enumeration, active and passive information gathering, tools and tips and the techniques to put the information to use.


ThreatPoint Training Centre – Blackpool


Thinking like an Attacker

The best way to defend, is to to know the attack methods and weak spots. Join the ThreatPoint security expert in this seminar to learn the typical techniques used to gain a foothold in an organisations environment.


ThreatPoint Training Centre – Blackpool