Documentation and Videos

Please find PDF's below that describe the different ThreatPoint API's.

Download IP Reputation API PDF

Wordpress Plugin Configuration Guide

WordPress IP Reputation Plugin

The ThreatPoint IP Reputation WordPress Plugin in action.

URL Blocker/ Web Site Block Extension

Please find the pdf below detailing the URL blocker / Web Site block extension

Download PDF

URL Content Blocker

Protect your family (or yourself)  from accessing mature, explicit and sensitive content by using this ThreatPoint URL blocker for google chrome, opera and Firefox


All pdf's and other files. Wordpress plugins, Browser Extensions.

URL Blocker API (pdf)


IPreputationAPI (pdf)


URL Blocker Extension (pdf)


Wordpress IP Reputation Plugin instructions1.6 (pdf)


WordPress Email Validation Plugin (pdf)


Using cURL to test the IP Reputation API

cURL is a great tool for quickly testing out APIs. Here is a quick video showing cURL being used to test the ThreatPoint IP reputation API.

WordPress Email Validation Plugin

The ThreatPoint real time email validation plugin for WordPress. Using the ThreatPoint email reputation and verification API. Checks for valid emails, spam, blacklists, disposable, free, breached and risky email addresses. Providing back a response real time to be used in your WordPress contact forms.