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16 May 2020|Email, Email Reputation, EMail Verificaiton, Email Verification, WordPress

Email Verification

As customers of ThreatPoint already know, we offer a rich API solution set that injects intelligence into the detection process surrounding web site and external service access. 

This data intelligence can be used in many ways, we are often pleasantly surprised by some of the innovative ways our customer use the API.

Of course we also like to create wrappers around the services so that customers can immediately and easily utilise the API’s and the data intelligence. 

We recently released a new plugin for WordPress email checks that allows real time email validation to be integrated into WordPress contact forms.

Why is this needed?

Well as email addresses become more and more part of our digital identity, offering services based on email address is becoming more important. For that reason email validation needs to go above and beyond simply validating the syntax of an email address. (Not least to remove unwanted spam!)

The ThreatPoint email validation plugin leverages our email verification API. This API provides rich insights into an email address including the following data points:

  • Valid email – (Real Time check)
  • Valid domain – (Real Time check)
  • Disposable Addresses (One time Use)
  • Role/Group Addresses
  • Free Email Addresses
  • Email Addresses known to be high risk (spam)
  • Breached Email Addresses (appearing in breach data)
  • Advanced Activity – Frequency, Popularity, Age

The Plugin Interface image below shows the easy to configure options.

By leveraging the above data points within the WordPress plugin framework we can validate and verify Email Addresses in a real time manner. This is important as it allows business to confidently offer email contact forms and email login services as interaction points for web site visitors.  

Validating email addresses in a real time manner gives businesses the power to grant access to a service or allow access to web site material without accepting invalid email addresses in turn protecting the site from potential spammers and time wasters. 

The video below shows the plugin in action.

Its simple to configure and as it utilises the existing is_email functionality within WordPress, it supports most contact forms out of the box.

For more information please read the plugin configuration guide within our documentation guide.

Any questions get in touch We welcome questions!

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